Web Design

Professionally constructed modular designs to save time and money.


Using the newest designs and techniques, these templates keep your site attractive and functional.


Visually striking layouts and interactive touches keep your clients' interest.


Form and function come together to create a polished, top-notch site worthy of your business.


These templates are highly adaptable and can adhere to almost any business need.
Domain Registration
Choose your available domain name and we will purchase it for you. Domain names are what you see after the "www." in the URL box at the top of your internet browser window. An example is "hybridstudioswi.com".
We will set up your hosting provider to make your site active. After registering your domain name you need a space for your website to "live". Websites are hosted on servers which are in turn owned by hosting companies. Hybrid Studios will help choose your provider and other needs for your website to join the World Wide Web.
Modular Web Design
Your website design with the backend framework in place. Hybrid Studios can use a template website from RocketTheme to save you time and money. The template still needs to be assembled and customized to your needs but provides the framework to do so.
Graphic Design
We can provide image touch-ups, a new logo, visually appealing graphics, and many other aspects for your business.
Copy Writing
Let us gather your business' information and provide it in an interesting way to keep your clients informed and engaged. We do our research to grow our knowledge of your industry and the way your work so that we can put it in words for you.
Top the search lists with a great SEO. This function helps your website become more relevant during internet searches. With a great SEO your website would appear on the top pages of a Google search- making you easier to find to new and existing clients.
Social Media Integration
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more! If you want to create or grow your online identity through social media we can create your profiles, start the page growth, and teach you how to keep it going to reach more clients and stay relevant.
Keep your site relevant and up-to-date. Your business changes over time and so should your website- Hybrid Studios can help edit and update your online content, SEO, and can even send you notifications as to when your hosting services need to be renewed.

Popular Templates

See our most popular templates that are all responsive, clean, and user friendly. Click on the "Demo Template" button to get an interactive, up-close view.

Put your products on center stage with the new Versla theme. Versla utilizes the lean and powerful Snipcart to take your online store to the next level. Showcase your products and drive sales like never before.
Tune up your site with Remnant, a versatile and modern theme that really rocks. Bring the noise with integrated music players that support SoundCloud, External, and Local audio files. Even more, showcase your latest videos with the new Video Grid particle.
Protean is an exclusive, modern design suited for product showcases, company profiles, and professional portfolios. It features an array of easy-to-navigate particles designed to let you swipe, tab, and slide your way through your content.
Citadel brings your site to life with integrated support for YouTube, Vimeo, and locally-hosted MP4, WebM, Mov, and Ogg videos. Citadel also provides a clean design that ensures that your content is exactly where it needs to be, center stage.
Topaz is a modern, professional theme that combines simplicity and elegance. It features a range of beautifully-designed particles that bring out the best in your content, a perfect choice for individuals, professionals and corporations alike.
Requiem is an exquisitely designed template for the Gantry 5 template framework, offering a fixed side position, for the logo and other elements. Easy to style, configure and customize through an advanced, user friendly and modern interface.
Release the Kraken! Kraken is powered by our modern Gantry 5 framework, packed with features, and ready to take your site to new heights!
Iridescent is a vibrant design with various integrated elements to provide a seamless and versatile environment. A full page RokSprocket slideshow provides a rich interface to impress, aggregated by other layout options, to expand beyond its core base.
Myriad centers around photography, providing an elegantly designed, visual space for the display of full width gallery items and slideshows. The structure allows for the promotion of images, whilst maintaining a refined style for more conservative appearances.
Chimera is a clean, modern and minimalistic theme showcasing the beauty of your content. The template uses flat elements, streamlined custom fonts, and extensive iconography to maintain a balance of simplicity with style and elegance.
Osmosis follows a vibrant, but elegant design direction, allowing for full width beautiful backgrounds in the header, fixing them as the site's focal point. An excellent method of making the template unique with a few simple steps.
Anacron is a vibrant, highly adaptable and engaging template, ideal for a vast selection of possible sites, from community to business. Subtle visual elements in the sectioned design, add character and division to the page, without compromising on content focus.
Epsilon is a modern, sectioned based design, with a diverse infusion of background textures and patterns. These enrich and differentiate your site whilst maintaining an overall conservative approach, for flexible site application.
Photon features a bold, elegant theme that blends dynamic content elements while maintaining a level of simplicity that is the hallmark of modern design. Powered by Gantry 5, Photon is extremely easy to configure with limitless versatility.

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